About Lolivers

Countdown for our project!

  • Date: 16/3 – 22/3
  • Location: Sparta
  • Countries participated: UK, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Czech Republic.

PS: here you may find the press release of the project

LOLIVERS is an Non Profit and Non Governmental Organization studying researching, informing and intervening on issues related to the improvement of the standard of living of people and especially how this is linked to the Mediterranean diet, cultural tradition and the environment. The Olive Oil, our “Green Gold” is a precious part of our heritage, part of our being and our future. We are devoted to highlighting and strengthen this connection.

Lolivers were founded in 2018 in Sparta. Sparta is a town and municipality in Laconia, Greece. At this moment our organization has 15 active members.

Our goals

– Educate people concerning olive oil, how this can be recognized and differentiated from bad quality olive oils which can be found in restaurants or supermarkets.

– Enhance and strengthen the connection that people have with olive oil, make them love it and appreciate it more by understanding its connection with well being and healthy nutrition.

– Bring many young people into Lolivers who want to contribute to organizing events, participate in our actions and projects in Europe.

our actions

Our members have participated in several EU projects -supported by the Erasmus+ program – in England, Romania, Latvia and Italy. We are continuously looking forward to participating in more and more Erasmus+ projects in Europe. Our first goal via participating in Erasmus+ programs is to educate our people via non formal education methods. and spread the knowledge about our organization and our values to European Union citizens.

Since the first day of our existence our actions can be separated into two different groups. Our Erasmus+ Projects in Europe and our actions with the goal to be socially responsible and help people laugh out loudly, live and love!

Meet Lolivers!

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